Eco-Cities     •     Sustainability     •     Energy Saving     

The PMP group of companies and its associates provide:

  • Technical and project management services for Sino-UK projects
  • Representation services for Chinese and UK enterprises expanding in the UK or China
  • Access to energy management project finance in China and the UK
  • Eco-Project risk management & insurance solutions
  • Energy conservation and low carbon expertise for eco-city construction

PMP brings together seasoned and distinguished professionals each with more than 30 years of experience: economists, engineers, financiers, R&D, and risk management and legal specialists, to provide clients with management and technical services for projects and ventures involving China and Britain.  We introduce innovative technologies and skill sets for low carbon, energy conservation and sustainable development projects, together with financing and risk management.  

Our principals based in the UK, Hong Kong, and China provide commercial and political intelligence, and project management expertise for clients expanding out of China into the UK or from Britain into Asia.

PMP is a founder member of the Eco-Cities Group under the auspices of the China Britain Business Council and established by the UK and Chinese Governments.

Social Responsibility

PMP supports China Children and Teenagers Foundation, China’s first independent, non-profit charity organization established in 1981.

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